Partium (Latin, parts)

Duchy of Transylvania
It came from a Transylvanian title for a principal given to Zsigmond János in the treaty of Speyer in 1570 (Partiumque regni Hungariae dominus: the ruler of the parts attached to Transylvania). Partium referred to the castle districts which were attached to Transylvania. In this treaty the borders of the new state were defined. Partium consisted of castle districts Máramaros, Middle-Szolnok, Kraszna and Bihar, but Zsigmond János could keep the ban district of Lugos-Karánsebes and the eastern part of castle district Zaránd, which he had possessed previously. In 1660 the Turks occupied the fortress of Várad and with this the whole of Partium fell into hands of the Turks. After 1655 parts belonging to Transylvania were castle districts Máramaros, Middle-Szolnok and Kranszna, the region of Kovár, and parts of castle districts Bihar and Zaránd.