István Bocskai from Kismarja (1 January, 1557, Kolozsvár - 29 December, 1606, Kassa)

István Bocskai 2
He was the elected principal and king of Transylvania (1605-1606) and Hungary. He originated from a common noble family from the region beyond the river Tisza. He was brought up in the Viennese, then in the Habsburg royal court in Prague. When he returned to Transylvania he gradually climbed the military-political career ladder. From 1592 to 1598 he was the captain-in-chief of the Várad castle, which was the main bastion of the principality against the Turks. He represented the principals several times at negotiations with Emperor Rudolf II, as the most significant follower of the anti-Turkish party in Transylvania. he took part in the main events of the 15-year war in Transylvania. In 1602 he protested against the abuse of power of Giorhio Basta, Transylvanian governor. He was disappointed with the help of the Habsburg ruler, so he returned to his estate in county Bihar. In 1604, however, the next Transylvanian principal, Gábor Bethlen tried to win him over to lead an anti-Habsburg movement. Although Bocskai first refused this, when his correspondence on this topic fell into the hands of Giacomo Belgiojoso, captain-in-chief of Kassa, he could do nothing but lead the rebellious hajdús.