Ferenc Frangepán (around 1620 - 30 April, 1671, Bécsújhely)

Execution of Nádasdy, Zrínyi, and Frangepán
He originated from one of the most important Croatian noble families, where three members became Croatian-Slovenian bans during the 16-17th centuries. In the middle of 1660s he took part in a plot organised by Palatine, Ferenc Wesselényi. Although he played a great part in uncovering this plot, he was brought to trial in Vienna and he was found guilty of treason, which meant execution and the confiscation of his possessions. He was executed on 30 April, 1671 in Bécsújhely (today it is Wieneer Neustadt in Austria). With the execution of Frangepán one of the most respected ancient Croatian families died out on the male side.