Letter of foundation and inventory of Tihany, Deed of Gift of Dömös

Tihany - Letter of foundation 2
Tihany inventory
King Andrew II
Béla, the blind
Dömös - Deed of gift
The Letter of Foundation of Tihany

It was issued by Andrew I in 1055. The editor and composer might have been Bishop Nicolas, but another, unknown person wrote it down. It is a charter made of two parchment-papers sewn together, which was damaged in many places. Today it can be found in the library of the Benedictine abbacy of Pannonhalma.


The Tihany Inventory

At the request of Uros, abbot of Pannonhalma, in 1211 King Andrew II had the estates of the Benedictine abbacy of Tihany, and the servants living there inventoried, and then, in a new form, he confirmed the content of the 1055 letter of foundation. The draft of the charter also survived. The authorised copy was dictated.


The Deed of Gift of the Dömös Prepostery

The charter was issued by Béla II in 1138. The king confirmed Prince Álmos's land gift to the Dömös prepostery. The original version was lost, only an official transcript survived, which was issued by King Charles I in 1329. The transcript is an accurate copy of the original one, since the transcriber did not recognise the data that underwent a change by his own age, so he left them unchanged. The transcription is kept in the library of the archbishopric of Esztergom.