the St Margaret community chapter of Dömös - the beginning of the 12th century

Dömös - Capital
Dömös - Church 1
Dömös - Church 2
There was a royal mansion (curia) at Dömös in the 11th century with a church or chapel. According to a 14th-century chronicle Prince Álmos - after he was dethroned from the ducate - founded a community chapter in the honour of St Margaret around 1107. On the occasion of consecrating the church he planned to kill King Coloman. According to the archaeological findings the church of the prepostery had a basilica arrangement closing with a semi-circular apsis, and from its two small side-chancels stairs lead to the three-naved crypt. Its oldest memories are roughly carved animal-shapes and leaf-braid decorations made by masters who must have studied in Lombardy. A huge capital representing animal fighting originates from a later period.