Crusaders from Székesfehérvár, Regestrum of Várad

King Béla III 1
Székesfehérvár - Monastery
Várad - Regestrum
Nagyvárad - Church
The Letter of Confirmation of the Székesfehérvár Crusaders

The charter was issued in 1193 by Béla III. The original one is kept in the National Archives, a photo of it is preserved in the archives of the National Museum. Its writer might be one of Béla III's clerks. The authenticity of the charter was debated for a long time.


The Regestrum of Várad

The first book of official records of the Várad chapter which survived, though it is not the original version. It consists of two parts. The manuscript fell into pieces and its mixed parchment-papers were printed later, in 1550, by George Martinuzzi, bishop of Várad and the governor of Transylvania at the time. The Várad Regestrum survived in several copies. There is a copy in the National Széchényi Library, in the libraray of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and in the Budapest University Library.