glosses, rare sounds, letters, two-open-syllable tendency

Evangelist John
Szelepcsény - Codex 3

Comments on certain words or expressions of foreign, usually Latin texts, written on the margin or between the lines, are called glosses. They may originate from the author himself, or from a later reader or user.


Rare sounds, letters

χ = a fricative pronounced in the place of sound h

β = a v-type sound (lip-rounding, voiced)

γ = a fricative pronounced in the place of sound g

g = dźs (became gy)

gn = ny

ƒc = s


The two-open-syllable tendency

If there are two syllables ending with a vowel next to each other in a three- or more-syllable word the vowel of the second syllable drops out. This tendency had its effect throughout the history of Hungarian sounds. It reached its peak in the old Hungarian period. For example, uruzag>orzag; besenyő>Besnyő...etc.