LENARD, ALEXANDER: The Valley of the Latin bear; foreword by Robert Graves: with pen-and-ink sketches by the author, 219p $4.95 Dutton

B or 92 Brazil-Social life and customs 65-15763

"The title of this English translation of the personal narrative Die Kuh auf dem Bast stems from A. A. Milne's Winnie-the-Pooh, which Mr. Lenard translated into Latin. He is a pharmacist, country doctor, and inhabitant Donna Irma, a small town peopled by poorly educated German Immigrants on southern Brazil's frontier." (Library J)

"Dr. Lenard writes a pleasing book, not failing to give his opinions and comments, which range from the caustic to the whimsical…. The book contains delightful sketches (drawn by the author) of the Donna Inna scene. The interpretative and sympathetic foreword was written by Robert Graves."
L. A.Mann
Best Sell 25:109 Je1 '65 500w
Reviewed by H. B. Malan
Library J 90:2543 Je 1 '65 90w
Reviewed by Ian Hamilton
New Statesman 70:454 S 24 '65 170w

"There is enough doctoring in this autobiographical account of Lenard's life to make it a 'doctor book' in the Lincoln's-doctor's-dog tradition….But 'The Valley of the Latin Bear' is far from being a grab-bag of medical anecdotage. 'Winnie,' in his Latinized form, should go rolling around the world for some considerable time. This informal book is a delightful self-portrait of the unusual man who made it."
J. T. Winterich
N Y Times Bk R p10 Je 6 '65 330w

"Dr. Lenard's book, an account of life in his vicinity, is the product of a cultivated, subtle, witty mind, one that is happy enough with generalizations but can also entertain itself with particulars. Perhaps the credit belongs to the poet who coexists with the doctor. Pen-and- ink sketches by the author."
New Yorker 41:158 Je 12 '65 150w / Time 85:113 My 21 '65 950w

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