LENARD, ALEXANDER: The fine art of Roman cooking
tr. by Elisabeth Abbott; il. by Eve Hohrath. 192p $4.95 Dutton

BOOK REVIEW DIGEST 1966, 641.5 Cookery, Italian        65-19976

This cookbook includes "notes about ingredients and suggestions about Roman restaurants. Between recipes there is... talk about Roman ways, folklore, and anecdotes." (Library J)
Glossary. Index.
Best Sell 26:168 Ag 1 '66 150w

"To his contemplation of the table, [Dr. Lenard] brings a reassuring feeling for civilization... and he has a small patience with those who find stove time a drag, or who resort either to repetition or to tins...There is a modified carbonara [alIa poverella] to eat when one is economizing, and another sauce for those who have eaten too much of the former the day before. Dr. Lenard writes most engagingly of the old goods and the old ways, of traditions as well as of the contemporary, and his wide interests lead like all roads to Rome and to anecdotes. The glossary serves as a guide to trattoria menus, the list of Roman restaurants emphasizes their specialties, and the conversion scale is triple-American, British and metric."
N. L. Magid
Book Week p10 D 18 '66 320w
Christian Science Monitor p6 Jl 28 '66 40w

"The categories of this delightful, if limited, cookbook are in Italian and English... Expert and entertaining advice is disguised to take this cookbook a guidebook as well. Any traveler contemplating a journey to Rome would do well to read this book first and any library wanting an Italian cookbook for English-speaking patrons will want to add this."
K. T. Willis
Library J 91:4115 S 15 '66 120w

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