LENARD, Alexander 1910-

CONTEMPORARY AUTHORS - GALE Research Co., Volume 7-8R Pages: 685-686

Born March 9, 1910, in Budapest, Hungary; son of Eugen and Helen (Hoffmann) Lenard; married Gerda Coste, 1936 (divorced); married Andrietta Arborio Di Gattinara, 1950; children: (first marriage) Hans Gerd; (second marriage) Giovanni Sebastiano.

University of Vienna, Doctor of Medicine, 1938.

Address: Blumenau Caixa Postal 691, Estado S. Catarina, Brazil.

CAREER: Writer and translator.

Member: Schlaraffia and Bach Society (both Sao Paulo).

ln Italian:
Controllo Della Concezione e la Limitazione Della Prole, [Rome], 1947.
Il Bambino Sano e Ammalato, [Rome], 1950;
Partorire Senza Dolore, [Rome], 1950.

In German:
Ex Ponto (poems), [Rome], 1947.
Orgelbuechlein (poems), [Rome], 1947;
Die Leute sagen (poems), [Rome], 1950;
Zwischen den Geistern und den Utopien (poems), [Rome] 1951;
Ex Ponto (contains Die Leute sagen and Zwischen den Geistern und den Utopien ]edited by Walter Krieg, [Vienna], 1952;
Die Kuh auf dem Bast, [Stuttgart], 1963 (English translation published as The Valley of the Latin Bear, foreword by Robert Graves, Dutton, 1965);
Roemische Kuche, [Stuttgart], 1963 (English translation published as The Fine Art of Roman Cooking, Dutton, 1966).

Translations into Latin:
(From the English) A. A. Milne, Winnie Ille Pu (translation of Winnie the Pooh), privately printed, 1958, Dutton, 1960;
(From the French) Francoise Sagan, Trisitia Salve (translation of Bonjour Tristesse), Julliard, 1963.

Contributor of poetry, prose, and medical articles to
II Mondo (Rome),
Standpunkt (Bolzano),
Die Presse (Vienna),
Medicilla Para Todos and Kultura (both Sao Paulo),
Arena (London),
Vita Latina (Avignon), and other publications.

WORK IN PROGRESS: New, augmented edition of Die Leute sagen; a novel on the German occupation of Rome in 1943 (in Hungarian).

American Book Collector, September, 1961;
Magyar hirek, June 1, 1965.

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