R. H. V.
The Horn Book Magazine
April 1961

A. A. MILNE Winnie Ille Pu 121 pp. Dutton 1960 3.00
Translated by Alexander Lenard. Illustrated by Ernest Shepard.

The arrival of this Latin version of Winnie the Pooh caused little more than amused surprise, and some speculation as to its usefulness, until it was shown to a high school Latin student who pounced on it with a whoop and took it to school. There it went the rounds of both English and Latin classes and became the rage of certain groups in the school. Because of the easy availability of a pony this will probably be practical only as a supplementary reader, but it can certainly give life to a class preoccupied with the strategies of Caesar.
It was pleasant to see this translation bring to light the affection with which high school young people hold Winnie the Pooh and their pity for those few who met it for the first time in Latin. Latin students have definitely found it fun to practice on this book. At the very least it can be amusing evidence to the reluctant students, that Latin is not so dead as they had believed.

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