MAGYARNÉ DERSZIB ETI, artistic painter and teacher was born in 1948, Sopron, Hungary. She has been painting since she was 13 years old. She got her masters degree in mathematics, physics and drawing at the university of Pécs. Since 1990 she founded her own art-school in Sopron. Her preferred artists include the French impressionists, like Monet and Degas, but mostly Renor. She paints stil lifes, flowers, portraits, landscapes, villages and animals mostly with watercolor, but also with oil colors too. In 1990 and 1996 she worked in Senlis as a schoolarship holder of the FONDATION CZIFFRA of France. From 1999 her chief profession has been painter and she lives in Nagycenk about 10 km from Sopron (Hungary). Her works are found in the Liszt Ferenc Museums across Europe, but also in many private collections throughout the world.


Hungary: Sopron, Kapuvár, Győr, Esztergom, Dorog, Nagycenk, Budapest, Szentendre, Pécs, Mohács, Sárvár, Mosonm.óvár...
Austria: Gumpoldskirchen, Lutzmannsburg, Raiding (Doborján, the Franz Liszt cycle.)
Germany: Landau
French: Senlis in Chapelle Royale Saint-Frambourg, years of 1990. and 1996.
By organization of FONDATION CZIFFRA.

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